Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is known to have exaggerated a time or two with her statements regarding her career, relationships, etc. That is why fans were leery when she tweeted that she was making plans to join a new cast. She has also tweeted about possibly suing a network. This started rumors as everyone assumed that one of her many conflicts with MTV was at the root of the lawsuit talk.

Is Teen Mom's Jenelle joining another network?

According to The Ashley, Jenelle is in fact planning on joining the WEtv network, along with her mother Barbara Evans and fiance' David Eason.


Sources have not made known the name yet but it is a show in which a celebrity receives on-camera family therapy with a relative they have a rough history with. The mother-daughter duo fit the bill for sure. Along with a slew of problems between the two, they are currently involved in a custody battle over Jenelle's oldest son Jace.

If you are wondering about where MTV stands on this new venture with WEtv, they gave her permission to proceed. There is no problem on their part at all, possibly because the taping for MTV's Teen Mom has no conflicts with the new project for Jenelle.

The WEtv series was scheduled to begin filming in October but they have Jenelle on hold at the moment. There are rumors they may be second-guessing this venture with her, possibly because of her recent pregnancy announcement. Of course this impacts the rest of Jenelle's clan that were under contract as well.

What network is Jenelle talking about suing?

As for Teen Mom star Jenelle's tweets regarding possible lawsuits with a network, it appears she is referring to WEtv. She is upset over the hesitation to proceed with the terms agreed upon in their contract.

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She is speaking with an attorney to decide if and when to proceed with litigation. Jenelle has not mentioned if her mom and fiancé will be involved in any legal action with her.

What do you think of Jenelle taking on a venture with another network? Would you tune in to see if she can repair her relationship with her mother?