The "Teen Mom 2" drama is heating up. Kailyn Lowry's estranged husband Javi Marroquin has revealed he's writing a book about his life, and it will likely detail the decline of his marriage. Recently, Javi announced the title of his new book, and it throws some serious shade at Kailyn.According to reports, Javi is ready to tell his side of the story, and he's doing it in book form. Marroquin announced he was going to write a book after he and Lowry revealed they were moving forward with their divorce. Now, Javi has revealed the name of the upcoming book.

Javi throws shade at Kailyn with new memoir

The book will be titled "Heartlessly Hustled," and is said to be "coming soon." So, how does this title slam Kailyn Lowry? The "Teen Mom 2" star is set to release her own memoir, and the title of the book is "Hustle & Heart." The book will be out in November.Meanwhile, Kailyn doesn't seem happy about Javi's decision to write a book about their relationship. Lowry took to Twitter to reveal her thoughts on the subject saying that "bashing" each other just creates more "chaos." Kail added,"eventually nobody will care who we are and we'd be left with words you can't take back."

What about the kids?

The worst part about Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin's impending divorce seems to be that there are children involved.

The couple share a son, Lincoln, together. However, Kailyn's older son from a previous relationship, Isaac, calls Javi dad. In the past Javi has revealed that Isaac is his best friend. As of now, the "Teen Mom" is refusing to bash Javi publicly.

Meanwhile, Javi Marroquin seems to have no problem dishing the dirty details on the end of his marriage.

Javi has revealed that Kailyn cheated on him while he was deployed with the Air Force earlier this year. Marroquin also claims it was people Lowry considered friends that informed him of her unforgivable behavior.

It looks like the new season of "Teen Mom 2" is going to be more dramatic than ever for fans as they watch the divorce drama go down.

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