Jeremy Calvert and his girlfriend, Brooke Wehr, are currently enjoying a weekend vacation in Ocean City, Maryland. As filming on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 continues with his co-stars, Calvert and Wehr are enjoying some fun in the sun with his daughter, 3-year-old Adalynn Faith.

In photos shared on Instagram, Calvert has been seen spending time with Adalynn, whose mother is Leah Messer, and Makenna, the daughter of Wehr. In one photo, which was shared by Wehr, Calvert was seen holding each of the girls' hands as he walked into a beach supply store. In a post shared by Calvert, Calvert was seen giving Adalynn a kiss on the cheek as she smiled for the camera.

"My baby girl on vacation with daddy," Jeremy Calvert captioned the photo. With another, which featured Adalynn on Calvert's lap, he wrote, "Dinner time with my baby girl."Calvert has also posted a few photos of himself and Wehr, one of which featured them standing on their hotel balcony, which had a great view of the bay.

Jeremy Calvert recentlyconfirmed plans to marry Brooke Wehr

After over a year of dating, Calvert took to Instagram, where he told fans he was ready to "put a ring" on Wehr. Weeks later, he confirmed his plans to wed with an elaborate message to fans on Instagram, which he has since removed.Although Calvert has spoken of marrying Wehr on at least a couple of occasions, it is unclear whether or not they are engaged at the present time.

While Wehr has been seen with a ring on her engagement ringer, neither she nor Calvert has said a thing about their engagement.

Jeremy Calvert may be keeping his engagement to himself due to his MTV contract

Because filming is currently underway on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, Jeremy Calvert may not be able to break any news outside of production.

Throughout the years of the show, cast members who went through major life moments were often forced to keep their news secret so that they would not ruin any possibly upcoming storylines of the show before it airs.

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