Chelsea Houska's daughter celebrated her7th birthday on Wednesday, September 7. As Houska and her fiance, Cole DeBoer, prepare for their upcoming wedding and birth of their first child together, the second for the Teen Mom 2 star, Houska took to Instagram where she shared a couple of birthday photos of the new 7-year-old.

"Happy Birthday to my sweet girl! I cannot believe how fast the last 7 years have gone!" shewrote in the caption of her first photo, which featured Aubree standing on a sidewalk with her backpack at her side. Houska then posted asecond photo, which included Aubree preparing to smack her "7" piñata with a bat.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer began dating in summer 2014

After a number of failed attempts at settling down with Adam Lind, Aubree's father, Chelsea Houska moved on to a new relationship with DeBoer after meeting at a gas station near her home. After reconnecting on social media, sheand DeBoer struck up a romance and one year later, during the Teen Mom 2 season six finale, DeBoer was seen moving in with the reality star and her daughter.Months after Houska and DeBoer began living together, DeBoer proposed and fans got to see photos of the romantic moment during the MTV series' 7th season.

Chelsea Houska is currently filming a new season of 'Teen Mom 2'

As her wedding and baby preparations continue, Chelsea Houska and DeBoer have been filming with MTV.

However, because Houska prefers to keep her big day to herself, she and DeBoer have decided against filming their ceremony. In recent weeks, rumors have swirled in regard to Houska possibly changing her mind and agreeing to have her wedding featured on the show. Meanwhile on Twitter, Houska has confirmed that is definitely not the case.

Instead, she and DeBoer were continuing with their efforts of having a private ceremony, which they will likely share snapshots of when all is said and done.

To see more of Chelsea Houska and her family, tune in to the forthcoming season of MTV's Teen Mom 2. So far, no premiere date has been set.

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