"Teen Mom" drama continues to explode! Farrah Abraham is not invited to Maci Bookout's wedding and Farrah is spilling just how she feels about not being invited. Abraham stated that she did not get a wedding invitation to the rapidly approaching wedding of her "Teen Mom OG" co-star Maci Bookout's wedding. When asked about how she feels about being "snubbed" she claims she couldn'tcare less about whatever excuse is being made by Bookout and that she is just too busy with her own life to care.

More trouble develops between 'Teen Mom' stars Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout!

Farrah's boyfriend Simon Saran also offered up his thoughts on the matter, claiming that Farrah did not care one bit to be a part of Maci's wedding to Taylor because of the two women's past history, most of which is rather nasty.

Simon also added that he "does not care to see two siblings get married." Ouch! Maci's wedding to Taylor McKinney is scheduled to take place in Tallahassee, Florida during a three-day weekend long event from October 7th-9th.

Will 'Teen Mom' Farrah And Maci face-off again before the wedding?

"Teen Mom OG" fans do not have to worry about missing out on all the action and potential drama. The wedding will be captured by MTV film crews and released as an upcoming episode of the popular "Teen Mom OG" series. Things went from bad to worse between Maci and Farrah after Maci put her foot down about her oldest son Bentley making an appearance on the series due to Farrah Abraham's porn industry involvement.

Maci claims that whatever Farrah does is her business, and she carries no judgement, but since Bentley has started school he is asked tons of questions about being on TV and if his mom is the one who made a sex tape? After finding out Maci's issues with her return to the series Farrah met up with Maci for a chat that quickly turned into a nasty verbal confrontation.

Abraham claims she let Maci know that her life is not about porn! Saying snottily that she is also a mom and her choices do not affect her daughter Sophia at all. Bookout stood her ground and no apologies were exchanged according to Bookout because she did not appreciate the way Abrahams talked down to her.

Classic Farrah behaviors so Maci should not have been too surprised. Do you believe Maci Bookout did the right thing trying to keep Bentley from being exposed further to such adult issues such as Farrah's sex tape ordeal, or does the wedding snub and hostility run even deeper than that?

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