Internationally acclaimed pop singer Taylor Swift,26, and British actor Tom Hiddleston, 35, have ended theirrelationship after just three months and endless media scrutiny. The couple had been closely watched by fans and paparazzi alike since rumors of their relationship began to circulate after they were photographed together on a beach in Rhode Island. Swift, who had just had another high-profile breakup with DJ Calvin Harris, was criticized by many for how quickly she entered the new relationship, but after a few weeks, it seemed like it was all smooth sailing for the new couple.

After their relationship was confirmed, the couple moved quickly, going on vacations together and even meeting each other's parents.

Pictures of the couple on outings graced every celebrity gossip publication, and for the mostpart, they were a big hit with each of their huge respective fan-bases. Some, though, did question the authenticity of the relationship and wondered if it was just for publicity purposes. Hiddleston addressed these concerns in an interview, saying that the relationship was definitely "not a publicity stunt" and that he and Swift were "very happy."

A mutual split

A source which broke the news described the break-up as amicable, with no hard feelings on either side. Swift's previous break-up with Harris had not ended as amicably, and some blamed her friendship with Hiddleston on their split. Before their relationship was confirmed, a video of Swift and Hiddleston dancing together at the Met Gala made the rounds on the internet and caused some controversy, since at that time Swift was still in a relationship with Harris.

But sources close to Swift have denied there was any cheating involved and insist that the relationship did not begin until after her break-up with Harris.

Though things are still good between Swift and Hiddleston, sources close to them also say that the media scrutiny might've added to the pressure on their relationship.

They claim that Tom wanted the relationship "to be more public" than Swift (who is known for her past public relationships) was comfortable with. Prior to the news of the split, Swift had been seen out and about without Hiddlestonseveral times in a row, for the first time since their relationship had been announced.

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