That sure didn’t take very long. It appears that pop sensation Taylor Swift and her latest guy, Tom Hiddleston, have broken up. They have been together for three months now, but it looks like it has ended. This couple was going strong in the beginning and they sure did surprise everyone when they were first spotted kissing and holding hands. Since then it had been seen as a whirlwind romance for the twosome but as reported by People, their love story is now a thing of the past.

Summer is ending and so is their summer romance

It seems that what Taylor and Tom had was basically a summer romance. Now that fall is nearing, it is time for them both to move on.

It probably wasn’t planned that way, but the Bad Blood singer doesn’t seem to stay with a guy for very long. They were seen together with Tom’s family in England where they cuddled on the beach and hung out as a new couple. Swift even flew to be with the actor as he was filming in Australia for his new film Thor: Ragnarok. Since that time, there have not too many sightings of them together, so that may have been an indication of things to come.

There will be rumors

You know that there will be many rumors and those so-called ‘sources’ will have their heyday now with this news of Taylor and Tom’s split. One particular source had apparently told The Daily Mail that the British actor may not have been happy that Taylor would rather have kept their relationship more private.

This source also said that Swift thinks he was not in it for the right reasons. It kind of sounds a little like a famous line from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

So, let the speculations begin on exactly what happened between the two of them. As it stands right now, their split was supposedly amicable, so maybe their schedules were just conflicting, which is a pretty popular reason that a lot of Celebrities use when they break up.

Whatever their reasons are, it will be interesting to see if either one of them will be speaking out on their split anytime soon.

Let there be music

Of course, Taylor is famous for her songs that she writes about the men in her life that have come and gone.

Has she been busy writing down her heartbreak on paper these days? It could very well be, or maybe she is growing out of that stage, but you can bet that there will be new music eventually about it because most musicians do sing their emotions, and this is Taylor Swift we are talking about.

Are you surprised that these two former lovebirds are done already after three months?

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