Taylor Swift is single again! The "Bad Blood" hitmaker has called it quits with boyfriend Tom Hiddleston after only three months of dating.People magazine confirmed the couple's breakup stating that it was a completely "amicable" split.

Taylor Swift is back in the market!

Break up speculation began a few weeks ago after Swift fans began noticing that Taylor and Tom had not been photographed together for several weeks. The couple's last public outing was slated to have been back on July 27th when they were photographed having a romantic dinner together at a Santa Monica restaurant.

It was first thought that grueling work schedules had been keeping the new lovers apart because Hiddleston was busy filming his new movie "Thor: Ragnarok" on location in Australia.

Reports also claim that in late August Taylor and Tom were united briefly over a weekend getaway in Rhode Island, but now it appears as if the meeting may have been the beginning of the end of the couple's hasty romance.

Hiddleston wanted more from Taylor Swift than she is ready for at this time.

The entire relationship between Taylor and Tom moved at warp speed, filled with tons of public outings where the new couple had no issues displaying their affection for each other publicly.

Swift fans at first viewed the relationship with a bit of skepticism believing that Taylor was on the rebound, or as possibly a publicity stunt following the public breakup between Swift and longtime boyfriend Calvin Harris. Hiddleston, however publicly claimed that the relationship was real, and not at all a publicity stunt.

Sources close to Taylor claim that Swift is the one who ended the relationship with Tom because he was wanting to become far more serious than Taylor was comfortable with at this point.

Tom, 35, is a little older than Taylor, 26, so it is not unheard of that he would be pushing for a more serious commitment from Taylor.

However, Taylor is still fairly young and appears to be rather content with just having one good time after the next. Obviously, Taylor is nowhere ready to settle down and begin thinking about marriage and children anytime in the near future.So, who do you believe will be next in Taylor Swift's long line of love interests.

Will the next man in her life be her forever Mr. Right?

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