This talented young actor just filmed a guest spot on CW’s hit show ‘Supernatural’ and had a great time. Born in Comox, British Columbia Gig Morton is best known for his role as Derby in the successful TV series 'Mr. Young,' as well as roles in four consecutive Disney hit "Buddies" films. He’s been in shows such as ‘Psych’, ‘Fear Itself,’ and more. A bit of a tech geek Gig is very interested in science, specifically astronomy.

Gighad fun on 'Supernatural'

Colleen Bement: You just filmed a guest spot on CW's huge show 'Supernatural'. I know you can't say too much about it. Let me just ask you two questions.

1.) Can you tell my readers what it was like being on the set? 2.) Will 'Supernatural' fans love or "love to hate" your character?

Gig Morton: To answer your first question, being on set of ‘Supernatural’ was an amazing experience. Everyone, including the crew, was always in a great mood and entertaining to be around. Both Jared and Jensen are not only extraordinarily nice, but also really fun to work with. To answer your second question I don’t think fans will either love or love to hate my character per se, but rather have compassion for him.

CB: What other upcoming projects are you allowed to share about?

GM: I recently worked on a feature being produced locally here in Vancouver called ‘Thirty-Seventeen.’ It is a comedy about a group of thirty-seven-year olds who get the opportunity to do high school over again.

I play the younger half-brother of two of the thirty-seven-year olds that go back to high school with them. It was a hilarious movie to work on with a bunch of extremely talented people.

Loved it on 'Mr. Young'

CB: You played the role of Derby in the cool TV series 'Mr. Young'. What a nice run on that show!

What was that experience like?

GM: My experience on ‘Mr. Young’ was fantastic. I had so much fun everyday it’s almost not fair to call it work. I really enjoyed making people laugh, especially in a live audience setting. ‘Mr. Young’ was such a positive and inspiring journey for me.

I hope to one day work on a sit-com inLA like 'Friends’ or ‘How I Met Your Mother.’

Found out that he loved performing

CB: So you tagged along with your older sisters to an audition, and ended up finding your calling as an actor, right? Tell your fans more of the story.

GM: Yes! When I was seven years old my older sisters were auditioning for the local summer play in my hometown of Courtenay, as they do every year. My mother and sisters were trying to convince me to audition but I wasn’t too keen. But I thought ‘why not try it!’ and went along just to try it out. During the auditions for 'The Wizard of Oz' I had so much fun and ended up with four different supporting roles in the production. Ever since then I have loved performing.

A fan of 'Ancient Aliens'

CB: You stay in shape with Parkour and dance. What other hobbies and hidden talents do you have?

GM: In my down time I find myself watching ‘Ancient Aliens.’ I also enjoy following progress of new information technology including Tesla Motors which I am a big fan of. If I am not training parkour or tap dancing I will go to the gym and get some cardio and a bit of strength training as exercise is always very important to me. Finally, when I have the time, I really like making videos for YouTube, including writing, filming, and editing them myself.

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