A new season of 'Survivor'

Gearing up for its 33rd season, CBS' 'Survivor' is one of the longest running shows on television, with a very active and passionate viewer base. Whether you're a 'Survivor' lifer that's watched the show from its initial season, or whether you picked up the show somewhere along the way, the creators and producers always manage to introduce new themes and twists into the game that keep things fresh, and keep viewers on the edge of their couches. This season is no different.

Millennials vs. Gen X

While the show has drawn on past themes like brains vs. brawn, men vs. women, etc, the latest theme offers insight into just how well this show has woven itself into the collective consciousness over the years.

This season's theme will be a battle of the generations, with Gen X castmates pitted against Millennial counterparts (a great number of which no doubt grew up with the show).

The show will certainly be more than just old vs young, and, with all the talk in the media over the last few years about Millennials being lazy and overall getting a bad wrap, perhaps this will be an interesting experiment to see how this Millennial generation outwits, outplays, and outlasts in the wild without cell phones and social media.

Each tribe will consist of ten members each, with the Vanua Tribe composed of Millennials, and the Takali Tribe comprised of Gen X'ers.

What can viewers expect from this season?

While the plot twists and storylines in-game are constantly evolving, as alliances switch at the drop of a hat and blindsides run rampant, one might be wondering just what to expect from Millennials vs.

Gen X this season. Amid all the hidden idols, back-stabbing, and drama that accompanies each and every season, the one constant through it all is host Jeff Probst.

In a recent interview with EW, Probst gave viewers a few reasons why they should be excited for this upcoming season. Probst called the theme "fascinating," particularly with it being an election year and the impact that Millennials will have on the vote.

Probst also called the way they hid the idols this season "really fun," and said that "the gameplay actually went up, again."

Catch the 90 minute premiere episode of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X September 21st at 8 p.m. EST only on CBS.

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