The CW network premieres season 12 of Supernatural next month. Fans are wondering what is going to happen with the Winchester family when the series returns. A new promo reveals that both Sam and Dean find themselves in danger. Also, teasers claim that some enemies may turn into allies while the hunters face more than one threat.

Saving Sam Winchester in 'Supernatural'

The promo clip for Supernatural makes it look like Jared Padalecki's character is in serious trouble. Sneak peek photos also reveal haunting images. Fans shouldn't worry too much, though. Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles) always make it out just fine.

Further confirmation of that comes from executive producer Andrew Dabb. Speaking to TV Line, he teased the hunt for Sam Winchester will the focus of the first three episodes.

Two threats pull Sam and Dean in different directions

As fans know, there is more than one threat in season 12. Lucifer is off somewhere and is trying out new bodies. When viewers see him on television screens, he will have another vessel. This one he seems to like because Rick Springfield landed the role, which means he will be playing Lucifer for at least a few episodes. That isn't all that the Winchester family deals with. The British Men of Letters are also a threat. The executive producer reveals right after Sam is rescued, both will pull the brothers in different directions.

Men of Letters to be allies once in a while

Even though the organization is a threat, expect a compromise between the Men of Letters and the Winchesters. Also, it was revealed that the group won't always be a complete threat in season 12. Occasionally, they will be allies. There are times when Sam and Dean Winchester will work with the Men of Letters.

Other times, the Supernatural characters will be working against each other.

Mary Winchester's effect on Sam and Dean

Amara (Emily Swallow) gave Dean a gift. She brought his mother back from the grave. When Mary Winchester died, Sam was only a baby. She won't be sitting around baking cookies. Mary has not lost her hunting skills,sneak peek photos reveal.

She helps Dean and Castiel (Misha Collins) battle something or someone. Her return will make Sam and Dean happy, but conflicted at the same time. Fans should also look forward to Mary learning about modern technology.

Supernatural returns with new episodes on October 13.

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