Supernatural will now have another Winchester joining the hunting team. Sam and Dean's mother, Mary was resurrected from the grave. Many fans are wondering how the brothers will deal with having their mother back. Even though Dean remembers her, Sam was only an infant when Mary died. In an interview, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki revealed Castiel will be an important part of that story in season 12.

Mary Winchester returns

Last season, Amara gave Sam and Dean Winchester the gift of having their mother back. Viewers are curious how the brothers will deal with Mary's return. Also, how will the recently resurrected mother handle life?

Will there be confusion or exposed secrets? Will the hunters finally get the answers to questions they have been asking for so long? Will Mary help them with cases or will she be another person to worry about?

Dean Winchester's feelings towards his mother

Mary Winchester coming back will be tough for Dean to process. Even though the woman is his mother, she is also a stranger.Jensen Ackles said at Comic-Con that it is going to be a big adjustment. However, will Dean open up to his mother or put up a brick wall?

Sam Winchester's image of Mary

For Sam, he never knew his mother since he was a baby when she died. In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, Jared Padalecki said Sam has glorified Mary in his mind.

The Supernatural actor compared it to a blind date. Will the image in his head match the real Mary Winchester? Will he be disappointed, surprised or will it be a combination?

How Castiel is involved in Mary's storyline in 'Supernatural'

In the interview, it was revealed that Dean and Sam Winchester won't just instantly bond with their mother.

When the television show returns for season 12, they will get a little help from Castiel. Misha Collins said his character will push the Winchester brothers to bond with Mary. It was also noted that the siblings will have to confront the "emotional bomb" of her coming back from the dead.

What do you think of Castiel helping Sam and Dean connect with their mother in Supernatural?

Season 12 premieres October 13 on The CW network

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