"Supernatural" premieres on The CW network in a fewweeks. Fans are excited to find out what happens with Dean, Sam, Castiel, Mary, and the other characters. The synopsis for the first episode of season 12 has been released. Find out what to expect when the television show returns.

Recap of season 11

Last season, Amara gave Sam and Dean Winchester their mother back. Mary has been dead for decades and lost her life when Sam and Dean were just small children. Dean remembers a little bit about his mother. However, Sam was just an infant and doesn't remember her at all. It will definitely be an interesting season with Mary returning from the dead.

Details about the 'Supernatural' season 12 premiere

The CW will begin airing new episodes on October 13. The premiere is titled "Keep Calm And Carry On." The synopsis states that Dean will be overwhelmedwhen he meets his mother, Mary Winchester. As for Sam, he will be fighting for his life. As seen in promotional images, Toni from the Men of Letters kidnapped him and plans to torture the younger Winchester brother. It isn't known how he escapes, but it was hinted there will be some sort of compromise. Showrunner Andrew Dabb said there will be times that the two groups will work together. Other times, expect the Winchesters and Men of Letters to be working against each other.

What else to expect in 'Supernatural'

Throughout season 12, expect to see a lot of Castiel. In an interview, Misha Collins revealed that Castiel will help push Sam and Dean closer to their mother. Castiel and Mary will share a connection, but it won't be in the romantic sense. Instead, the two will both feel close to Dean and Sam Winchester, but also feel like they are in another world.

As for Mary, she will be hunting with her two sons. She certainly hasn't lost her ability to fight, that's for sure. Also, look forward to her learning how to use modern technology.

Are you looking forward to seeing "Supernatural" return? What do you think will happen in season 12?

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