Supergirl #1 tells the first part of the "Reign of the Cyborg Superman" saga. Kara Danvers, average American teen and aka Supergirl, has to get her homework done on time even as she's saving the universe as a superhero. In this outing, she has to face the past in the form of the menacing figure ofCyborg Superman -- her father.

Supergirl #1

While some reviewers found the initial Supergirl: Rebirth issue a little on the dull side, opinions on Supergirl #1 are much more positive, including Comicsbeat, Inside Pulse, and Comicosity, among others. As a Kryptonian forced to resettle on Earth after cataclysmic events, Kara Zor-El's is an immigrant's story.

The plot of the new comic contrasts her former life of plenty as someone who was successful and had an established identity on her native planet with the struggle on Earth as a newcomer. The series deals with her culture shock and the way she is treated as an outsider and should resonate with the young immigrant experience.

In Supergirl #1, Kara's working at the DEO (or Department of Extranormal Operations) and the agency's director Cameron Chase, along with Cat Grant, her boss at CatCo Worldwide Media, are always in her case. But, in contrast with the largely dark tones of the DC Comics universe -- think Batman, Suicide Squad -- Supergirlis an upbeat character.

That's the direction that writers want to take her in, as Steve Orlando, one of the lead authors of the Rebirth series, told in an interview.

The Rebirth series looks to bring Supergirl and all the iconic DC Superheroes back to their roots in a classic version of their characters.

DC Comics and the Rebirth series success

The latest issue is part of the Supergirl 2016 series and built on the momentum created by the Supergirl tv show on the CW.

The franchise as a whole stems from DC's divine plan to relaunch their entire superhero canon as Rebirth. The Rebirth project officially launched in June with several new comic bookissues.

As reported in the LA Times, the Rebirth concept has proved to be a resounding success for DC Comics and DC Entertainment, with sales in the series hitting the 12 million mark in its first three months of release.

The first issue of Harley Quinn's Rebirth series garnered sales of 400,000, with the seminal DC Universe: Rebirth issue not far behind at about 350,000.

Series reboots are hardly an innovation in the comic book industry. DC's main rival, Marvel Comics, routinely reboots its superhero series twice a year or so and there are good reasons for the strategy. Story lines can become impossibly unwieldy to manage in terms of continuity. New readers can be put off by the idea of having to start at the beginning or catch up on a series before reading the latest issues.

Supergirl #1 is on sale as of today, September 7, 2016, and the TV series comes back for season 2 on October 10 at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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