This week on "The Voice" viewers got to meet a lot of contestants including Sundance Head. He actually made it through to the next round, so you will be seeing more of him soon. Sundance spoke out and shared the details about why he chose Blake Shelton over Adam Levine as his coach. Miley and Alicia didn't even stand a chance with him. Taste of Country shared the details about what Sundance said about his big choice.

Why did Sundance pick Blake over Adam?

He is from Texas and Sundance performed the song “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” from Otis Redding.

He admits that he went into it all planning to pick Adam, but for some reason changed his mind at the last minute. Sundance explained that when he started to think about it all, he realized that everything he wants to do in his career is exactly what Blake Shelton has done. He is hoping to capture the great energy that Blake has by being around him. These two should do great together. Blake is excited to work with him this season.

Where do you know Sundance Head from?

Did Sundance Head seem familiar to you?

He was actually on the show "American Idol" before. He made it clear to the top 16 and did a great job, but went home at that point. It didn't make his career, but he actually hopes that "The Voice" will be different for him. He admits that he wasn't prepared for everything that would go down on "American Idol." Hopefully, now that Sundance has been around Reality TV a bit more things will be easier for him.

He is thankful to get another shot, but only time will tell how he ends up doing on this show.

"The Voice" is known for giving people a second chance after being on other reality show or having a career before. Considering the judges couldn't even see him, they didn't pick based on knowing who he was before the show.

Are you shocked to hear that Sundance Head picked Blake Shelton instead of Adam Levine?

Do you think that Sundance stands a chance of winning the entire show this season on "The Voice"? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Voice" on NBC.

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