When we last saw Mike and Harvey on Suits, they had just found a way to make Cahill honor Mike’s deal and get him out of prison. The only question that remained was how this would affect Gallo, Kevin and Lisa, and this episode looked to put an end to these chapters.

Staying distracted

Things between Lewis and Tara got even more complicated, after Tara informs Lewis that her boyfriend is flying into town to meet her. Lewis uses Donna for the billionth time this season to help him stay distracted from the delicate situation.

They enjoy a mud bath together for the first time (a dream come true for Lewis), and they even come up with a plan to bombard Lewis with office work so that he doesn’t have the time to think about Tara.

All this goes accordingly to clockwork surprisingly, and Lewis manages to not get in his own way for once. He ends up giving Tara ample time to see her boyfriend, after which she visits Lewis’ office to catch him up on her situation. She tells him that her boyfriend proposed to her after finding out about Lewis, but she turned him down in order to work on her existing feelings for Lewis.

It looks like our sappy lawyer might get his happily-ever-after after all, but with one episode left in the season, you never know!

The breakthrough

Even though Rachel finds out that Mike is getting out of prison, it does not deter her focus from helping Bailey get out of prison. Jessica and Rachel create a game plan that involves using a written statement from Bailey’s eyewitness to reopen the case, and taking the evidence out of the territory of ‘here say’ on the grounds that the witness has been dead for three years.

Jessica even manages to muscle Bailey’s ex-lawyer into signing the written statement in order to legitimize it. They eventually take the case to a judge who agrees to reopen the case based on the fact that Bailey might not have been adequately represented. Jessica also gets Bailey’s daughter to visit him in prison in order to strengthen his spirit and prove her loyalty to his best interest.

The great escape

Just when you think that Mike is in the clear, Cahill manages to get under his skin by going after Jill’s assets extending beyond their profits earned from insider trading. Mike confronts Cahill and threatens to go after him on the grounds of abuse of power, but Cahill informs Mike that he has a couple of tricks left up his sleeve, and these can be used to pull Mike’s deal as well.

Meanwhile, Gallo’s parole hearing is almost here, and Harvey is forced to defend him in order to keep Mike safe in prison. Unfortunately for Harvey, things get even more complicated when his ex-Mentor Cameron Dennis turns up on the scene to prevent Gallo from making parole.

Harvey tries his best to keep Cameron out of the matter, but a deal with Mike is what eventually helps keep everyone happy. Mike testifies against Gallo during his parole in exchange for Kevin’s release from prison, which Cameron gladly accepts due to his profound hatred for Gallo.

Mike and Kevin prepare to make their way out of prison the following day, but it turns out Mike is being held back a little longer due to an internal conflict. This puts his life in danger because Gallo is out for revenge and is looking to get even with Mike. We eventually find out that Mike purposely stayed in prison in order to personally end matters with Gallo himself, planting a camera in his cell and waiting for Gallo to execute an attack.

When Gallo eventually pulls a knife on Mike, he gets it all on tape and gets Gallo sent away to solitary confinement. Harvey then confronts Gallo one last time and asks him to forget him and Mike for good, in exchange for not throwing him back into his old maximum security prison. As everyone there knows that Gallo is a snitch, he takes the offer and agrees to back off.

Mike finally gets out of prison with nearly all loose ends tied up, and sees Harvey and Rachel waiting to give him a warm welcome. Almost feels like a season finale...almost!

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