The entire focus of this season was firmly fixed on Mike’s prison time and Harvey’s attempt to cut it short. After trying every shady trick in the book to make it happen, it looked like Harvey had failed and Mike was going to stay in jail, but this episode had a couple of big surprises up its sleeve.

Delaying death

Jessica and Rachel try their best to extend Bailey’s execution date after realizing that the one witness who can help him get out of prison passed away three years ago. Jessica suggests that they take advantage of a loophole in the system by claiming that they will need more time to get one of Bailey’s family members to be present during his execution.

In order to make this happen Rachel goes to meet a relative of Bailey who raised him for a few years when he was a teenager.

Although Rachel only needs the signature of the relative in order to extend the execution date, she gets troubled by the fact that Bailey’s one and only relative doesn’t seem to believe that he is innocent. She wonders how she will be able to convince a jury of his innocence if she can’t get one of Bailey’s family members to take their side. Although she gets the signature she needs, Rachel is troubled by the situation.

Jessica ends up running into Jeff while presenting Bailey’s predicament in court, and tries to re-engage a relationship with him after going through a few introspective moments.

The former couple enjoy each others company over dinner, but Jessica eventually finds out that Jeff is moving to Chicago, and their chance of working on this relationship has passed. Jessica is saddened to hear this news and contemplates on a good relationship gone astray due to her commitment to her work.

Louis’ love story

After coming to terms with the complex relationship that Tara shares with her ex, Louis agrees to continue seeing her despite having his doubts. Donna plays a big role in his re-consideration, but Louis quickly reverts back to his insecure nature as soon as he is out on a second date with Tara.

She manages to convince him to stay in the relationship by claiming that she will break things off with her boyfriend, but ends up making Louis insecure again by breaking news of her boyfriend’s upcoming arrival into the city.

The Sutter saga

In order to bring Mike’s deal back onto the table, Harvey manages to convince Cahill that his new witness is useless because he has only been communicating with Jill and not Sutter himself. Cahill is eventually convinced that his witness may not be of much help after Harvey brings down the hammer during a fake deposition. Harvey then tries to convince Sutter that he needs to make a deal with Cahill and turn himself in in order to save his daughter from going to prison.

Sutter, being the cut through businessman that he is, blatantly turns down the offer and admits that he would rather Jill face prison time than him. Harvey secretly records this entire conversation and plays it to Kevin and Jill, after which a deeply dejected Jill agrees to turn on her father.

Kevin and Mike face several conflicts during the course of this episode, even breaking into a fight when Mike admits that he has been informing on Kevin all along. The cell mates eventually make peace with one another after Jill takes the deal, and it looks like Mike will be getting out of prison after all.

Just when Rachel realizes that she has a way to re-open Bailey’s case, she gets a call from Mike who tells her about the good news.

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