The last few episodes this season were extremely deceptive in their build-up of the story, with things looking very much in control for Mike in prison. His dream run seems to have ended this episode, and the rug gets yanked out right out under his feet.

The missing witness

Jessica meets Bailey for the first time after agreeing to help Rachel with the ‘Innocence project’, and the encounter ends on a tense note. Bailey presses his attorneys to find the missing witness who could reveal the truth about the night of the murder, and Jessica promises Bailey that they will do whatever they can to hunt down the witness.

Rachel is also tensed about the execution date that has already been fixed and wonders about possible tactics to push off the date. After learning a lesson about the responsibility that comes with asking a favor, Rachel uses her father’s help to locate the missing witness. Unfortunately for Bailey, it is revealed that the witness has been dead for three years.

The twist in the tale

After resorting to lying, sneaking and ‘realtoring’ to get a date with Tara, Louis tries his best to find the perfect way to make an impression on his first date.

He struggles to come up with something original and resorts to asking Donna for help, as usual. Donna, however, turns down Louis’ pleas for a change and urges him to find a solution to this problem on his own.

Things get even trickier for Louis as he is saddled with work regarding Mike’s case from Harvey and he begins to run out of time to make plans for Tara. Donna, being Donna, notices Louis’ sacrifice in helping Mike and ends up making arrangements for a perfect date for him.

Despite the setting, the date does not go as planned for Louis, as Tara tells him that she has been involved in a long distance relationship for a couple of years now, but her partner is comfortable with the idea of seeing other people.

Tara confesses that she was swept away with Louis’ gestures and she is willing to begin dating outside her relationship for the first time because of him. Louis looks mortified by the news at first, but he eventually agrees to give this situation an attempt.

Closing the deal

Harvey brings down the hammer on Sutter’s employees during this episode in an attempt to figure out who is responsible for carrying out the insider trading in the organization. Donna steps in once again to save the day by being Donna, and convinces Buzzini to help Louis gain access to Sutter’s financial database. Armed with the new information, Louis does some super sleuthing and figures out the person responsible for the insider trading.

The banker inside Sutter’s operation gets wind of this new development and rushes to Cahill to cut himself a deal. Cahill takes his offer and promises Harvey that Mike’s deal will pull through because he realizes that Harvey was responsible for driving the banker to him.

Harvey finally gets a moment to celebrate this season, but his joy is only momentary. Mike urges Harvey to try and include Kevin and his wife in his deal, as he feels extremely guilty about the consequences of his actions on Kevin’s life. Harvey meets Cahill to try and convince him to help Kevin, but Cahill delivers some disturbing news that shakes Harvey to the core. He tells him that his superiors are not willing to honor Mike’s deal anymore, and that he will not be able to drop the banker’s testimony as the case is pretty much sealed because of him. Harvey shudders after hearing the news, and obviously asks Cahill to ‘get out of his sight’.

Will Mike still make it out of prison? What do you think? Please leave your comments below.

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