There is no doubt that season 6 was perhaps the most unique year for the series until this point. There were long-standing repercussions brought on from earlier mistakes, and the lead characters were paying the price for it. The summer finale however, left us on an unexpected note, and it was a bittersweet moment even though Mike was now out of prison.

Louis gets lucky

Since this was a mid-season finale, a lot of story lines were bound to get resolved in this episode. Louis’ unexpected love affair that began this season also reached a conclusion in some sense.

Tara tells Louis that she is pregnant, but the father of the baby is her ex-boyfriend. You would expect Louis to be crushed, but instead he re-affirms his commitment to the relationship and offers to help raise the baby.

Tara is shocked by Louis’ generosity and asks him to take some time to process the news. Louis ends up wrestling with the issue for quite some time in his head, but by the end of the episode, due to various other situations transpiring around him, he decides to propose to Tara. Shockingly enough, Tara accepts Louis’ proposal and the couple get set to raise Tara’s baby together.

Mike enjoys his freedom

Harvey and Mike enjoy a drink in order to celebrate Mike’s release from prison. Harvey even offers Mike a job as a consultant in Pearson Specter Litt, and matches it with a compensation package that was the same as when Mike was a junior partner. Mike is overwhelmed by Harvey’s generous offer, but asks for some time to make his decision. Now that he is out of prison, Mike also lends his expertise to Rachel’s case and helps make some serious strides with getting Bailey exonerated.

Saving the firm

The fact that Harvey sold out Sutter to get Mike out of prison begin to spread quickly, and the firm’s oldest client threatens to cut ties with them. Jessica is busy helping Rachel with Bailey’s case, which is why Louis and Harvey are forced to settle the matter on their own. They find out that Reynolds still wants to stay with their firm, but his board is powering him out of play in order to sign on a new agency.

Harvey manages to find a way to threaten Sutter one last time in order to make him stop telling the world about his betrayal. He then convinces Buzzini to buy a major stake in Reynold’s firm and out-muscle the stake holders who are gunning for their heads, thereby saving the firm once again.

Closing the innocence project

Although a lot happened during this episode, the central focus remained on Jessica and her motives behind helping Bailey. We are shown flashbacks of her time as a teenager, as she witnessed arguments between her parents with regard to her father dedicating too much of his life to his work as a doctor.

We also see her confront her father about becoming a lawyer, and he completely disapproves of her choices as he believes that lawyers are bottom feeders who do not help anyone but themselves. A young Jessica sternly tells her father that she is intent on helping people.

With these thoughts floating through her head, Jessica goes about trying to provide justice to Bailey. She does that with ample help from Rachel and Mike, and new evidence that presents itself during the episode. Rachel and Mike believe that the father of the girl who Bailey is accused of murdering had a huge role in making Bailey’s key witness disappear, and Jessica uses her brilliant cross-examination skills to bring that out of him.

The judge ends up releasing Bailey from prison based on this evidence.

After enjoying her turn as a person who genuinely helped save another human beings’ life, Jessica tells her partners that she has decided to leave the firm because she has lost sight of why she became a lawyer in the first place. The episode ends with Jessica going to Malone’s home and telling him that she is officially out of the game. She decides to move to Boston with him, leaving the future of the firm as precariously poised as it was at the start of the season.

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