Over a decade ago Steve Irwin, known worldwide as the Crocodile Hunter, met with a tragic death and his passing stunned the world. Today, Steve Irwin seemingly reached out from beyond the grave to thank his parents for the life that they gave him via a letter found by his dad 10 years after his death.

Impaled through the heart

Irwin died doing what he loved to do and that was to be among the wildlife of the world. His death came almost instantly when he was swimming with a stingray that suddenly impaled him in the chest and the serrated, poisonous spine pierced his heart.

What was most shocking about Irwin's death wasthat hewas a man who dared to go where most men would not go and the situations we have seen him in were far more risky than the one that caused his death.

Steve Irwin's young family

Fans mourned the 44-year-old' Crocodile Hunter's death and sent their condolences out to the young family he left behind. The world caught glimpses of his kids going through the milestones of their life without their dad and Mindy, his now teenaged daughter, is an up and coming starherself.She was not only on the show Dancing with the Stars, but she also won, reminds the Sun News today.

Her performance and win on the show was done in dedication to her late dad.

Letter from beyond the grave

Steve's dad, Bob Irwin, recently got the surprise of his life when he picked up a book and a letter fell out.

That letter was addressed to him and his wife and it was penned by their 32-year-old Steve Irwin about 12 years ago. The envelope said "Please be happy to know that your strength and wisdom have been passed on." Inside was a letter, which was addressed to "Dad + Mum." Steve went on to say that one of the more "unfortunate things in a bloke's life" is the fact that it took him over 30 years to realize all they've done and still do for him as his parents.

He talked about how his parents taught him "ethics" and how they helped build his "character."

It is a very loving letter from a son to his parents. It must have felt like a sign from his son when Bob Irwin found that letter, almost as if Steve Irwin reached out from the grave to thank the people who loved him and raised him! One of the nicest things an adult child can say to their parents is that they are not only parents, but also his friends, which is what Steve wrote in that letter. It was simply signed, "Thankyou Steve." The letter is seen in the tweet below.

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