It has been a long time in the making, with talk of a film or TV adaptation of Stephen King’s epic story about The Dark Tower going on for years. Finally we are seeing the fruition of that dream in the movie, set for release in theaters on February 17, 2017. What was originally planned to be a movie trilogy has finished filming and is in production, but it turns out other ambitious plans are also about to come to fruition. Producers Ron Howard and Brian Glazer have been working on the plan.

Howard and his Imagine Entertainment partner, Grazer, first came up with the idea of the trilogy of movies which was green lit by Universal Pictures.

The idea was to flesh out the amazing and rambling story that took King around 30 years to write, by popping two television series in between those films. However, Universal ended up dropping the project, which was eventually picked up by Sony Pictures, with the movie that is already set to air. While there was speculation about the television series, nothing was heard, until now.

The Dark Tower TV series

Deadline recently interviewed Howard, who has now confirmed that said television series ofThe Dark Tower is still in the works.

Now production is done on the movie, Ron said they are working to develop the television side of things. He said they don’t know which platform the series will be on at this stage, but they are developing the content, in hopes of covering more of the epic story and the characters involved.

So far the plot of the TV series is unknown

Getting back to the movie of The Dark Tower, as mentioned by Movieweb, the screenplay adaptation for The Dark Tower movie was penned by Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner, with approval by Stephen King.

However, it is not known as yet whether they will also be involved in the television series. There have also been no hints of the plot for the series, or whether the same actors will be involved. In the meantime fans will have a chance to enjoy the movie in February 2017 and will hopefully have more news of the TV series by then.

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