Mike Flanagan, horror writer-director extraordinaire, is well known for films like Oculus, Hush and Absentia, along with the soon to be aired film Ouija: Origin of Evil. According to Deadline Flanagan has been eyeing the Stephen King book, Gerald’s Game as a possible movie project since back in 2014.

Stephen King’s terrifying bondage book to head to film

Gerald’s Game is one of those difficult horror stories to place on the big screen. It involves a married couple who decide to visit their remote cabin on a lake out of season. While trying to spice up their sex life, the husband handcuffs his wife to the bed, but then has a heart attack and dies, leaving his wife in an embarrassing and highly dangerous position.

As the story progresses and the wife attempts to escape from her bondage, she gradually loses her mind.

Flanagan spoke about his upcoming new project with Rue Morgue, saying that while he is a huge Stephen King fan, he initially thought the horror book was “unfilmable.” However, it now turns out he has figured a way to do it. His work with Netflix on the movie Hush (the terrifying tale of a deaf woman threatened by an intruder), made him realize that he had finally found the ideal outlet for the new film.

Netflix interested in airing Gerald’s Game

Flanagan explained that it was a challenge getting the finance for the film as financiers told him they loved his work and they loved Stephen King, but this story was a problemunless he could reshape the film to fit in a more conventional theme.

Not wanting to do that, he finally realized that Netflix, where Hush has done really well, was the perfect solution. Even better, Netflix told him they were not only interested in the film but that he could do it the way he wanted. He’s now hoping that they can get the movie filmed and out on Netflix in the near future.

According to a report by Gizmodo, another long-term Flanagan project, Before I Wake, was due for release on September 9 but got bumped at the last moment. Maybe he can make a plan with Netflix for that movie too?

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