Having written more than 50 horror novels and lots of short stories, many of which have been adapted to film and television, you would think Stephen King would fear pretty much nothing. However, he did admit on a Facebook Live video on Saturday that he has a fear for those terrifying insects with eight legs.

It turns out there’s more to the story, however, and when the 69-year-old bestselling author was interviewed by Ron Charles, editor of The Washington Post’s Book World on Saturday, he was asked what he feared the most and King came up with something other than spiders. While King has written about zombies, supernatural clowns and other horrific beings, what scares him the most is Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Well, maybe not the man himself, but rather the thought of him being in the White House and the damage he could do to the world in a fit of rage.

Stephen King airs his views on the popularity of Donald Trump

King has regularly made his thoughts publicly known on Twitter in recent months and in an interview back in June with Rolling Stone, Stephen described Trump’s fans as being the last stand of the type of American male who thinks women are getting out of their place, and that too many people with the wrong skin colors are getting into the country.

To stress this, King said that The Donald’s popularity stems from those who want a world where the white American is the top dog.

Stephen King talks fear, and it has nothing to do with his books

However, in his most recent interview, King explained that the real explanation for the Republican candidate’s popularity is fear.

He said this is the “key chord” in the matter, and that we are afraid the government will take our guns, that Mexico is going to invade the U.S.A. and that we are also afraid of taxes, transgender bathrooms, and all the latest topics. King added that while people are this scared, it is difficult to have a rational discussion, but even worse, what makes Donald Trump the most scary thing is the fact that he does actually have a chance of winning the election.

Listen to the interview in the video included below:

Horror author moving to Canada?

King also said he would have laughed about the idea around three months ago, but now the author feels Trump could do it. He compared Hillary Clinton as being a “lackluster candidate” who feels she is running against a buffoon and has no chance of losing. Saying it is not far from his home in Bangor, Maine, King even said he has thought about moving to Canada to avoid a Trump presidency.

When asked if he would consider writing a horror novel about Trump as president, King replied and said he already did that. Watch the trailer of the film adaptation of “The Dead Zone below – he definitely has a point!

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