Let’s face it. Most of comedy TV is going to go after the Republicans in any election. Indeed, “Saturday Night Live” has hired one of the big guns in the form of Alec Baldwin to take down Donald Trump. The happy exception is “South Park,” which had nearly captured the absurdity of the current election cycle and of the two candidates who would be president, as Hot Air points out.

This season the series is doing a couple of ongoing story arcs, one of them having to do with Internet trolling and the other having to do with the election.

In the “South Park” universe, a candidate remarkably resembling Hillary Clinton is faced off against not Donald Trump but instead Mr. Garrison, the perpetually angry on again off again transsexual, gay school teacher. He had started the campaign with a catch all promise to solve every problem from illegal immigrants to terrorists by “f---ing them to death.”

At first, the experience is fun. But then it dawns on Mr. Garrison that he has become so popular that he might actually become president of the United States.

Unlike Trump or Hillary Clinton, Mr. Garrison has enough self-awareness to realize that he is woefully inadequate for the job of becoming the leader of the free world. So, he sets about trying to throw the election to his opponent, only to find that she is dimmer than he is. The more he tries to disqualify himself the more the voters love him.

The essence of good political satire is not to necessarily to take sides, which programs such as “The Daily Show” too often indulge in.

The idea rather is to see the absurdity in all parties, to know that people who seek power need to be taken down a peg now and again, no matter what their ideology is, to grant them the gift of humility. The principle has been no more urgent than the current year when the choice is between a criminal and a crazy person. The next administration may be more ruinous than the current one, but at least we can laugh while the end times draw nigh and the world starts to burn.

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