All those who believed that South Park might be past their prime and getting repetitive, I urge them to watch their last season. The show not only managed to up their game and deliver their finest humor till date, but it also showed us that they were unafraid to make big changes in order to continue delivering on the bold, unadulterated, unapologetic satire that has gotten them this far.

The rise of P.C Principal

The season began with a change in management at South Park Elementary in the form of P.C Principal. He is a tough individual hell bent on enforcing political correctness in the school and making all the students and faculty come in line with his way of thinking.

He uses Caitlyn Jenner and her recent sex change in order to make a point about treating everyone equally and with absolute respect. His methods are over-the-top and absolutely hilarious to watch, as the Elementary school, most famous for not giving a flying flip until this point, begins to pretend to care about other people’s feelings.

Mr. Garrison for President

The town of South Park begins to see radical changes as well, beginning with a rapid rise in Canadian citizens crossing the border. Mr. Garrison gets frustrated with the immigration and decides to run for President in order to build a giant wall and keep Canadians out. Sound familiar?

The people of South Park begin to lobby for the gentrification of their neighborhoods in order to access better shopping centers and restaurants.

Randy is the leader of this movement, while Kenny presents the opposing point of view during his time as a waiter at City Wok. He comes to realize that gentrification only helps a certain section of the population, and overall it negatively affects their city. Of course Randy doesn’t care about any of that, leading to the eventual rise of SodoSopa – a fully gentrified part of town built over Kenny’s previously poor neighborhood.

Cartman the critic

Cartman has a slightly diminished role this season, but his episodes are still extremely hilarious. He first becomes a food critic on Yelp and begins to bully everyone in town with the threat of a bad review. He becomes the root cause of Yelp reviewers getting a bad reputation in South Park, and eventually, all Yelp reviewers get banned from restaurants.

He then becomes a victim of body shaming online and resorts to asking P.C Principal for help. The Principal assigns Butters as Cartman’s social media manager in order to filter out all the negative comments. Butters does a great job at first weeding out the tons of negative comments online, but eventually gets overburdened by the task after having to handle the social media profiles of other celebrities as well. The episode anthropomorphizes ‘Reality,' and shows us how much the people of South Park hate that notion. It eventually ends with everyone gathering to hang ‘reality’ to death.

The threat of advertising

Jimmy gets caught up in a massive controversy of his own in this season, one that eventually ties in all characters and events discussed during the year.

He realizes that sponsored content is taking over the integrity of the school newspaper, and as editor, he tries to intervene in the matter. He ends up stumbling upon a massive conspiracy that goes all the way to the top, one that involves advertising being turned into real human beings. These advertisements in human form influence people and their decision making, and as more people are turned on to this information, the town begins to split into two distinct groups. The finale involves a massive confrontation between those protecting the ads, and those trying to destroy it, and it is an absolute ball to watch.

I can’t wait for South Park’s new season which is out tomorrow, and I hope they managed to top their work in Season 19.

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