Bachelor In Paradise's season finale was tonight. We watched Nick Vailland Jen Saviano end their relationship with many tears. Nick had visited the jeweler and picked out a ring, but we never saw the ring again. Even after Jen poured her heart out to Nick and told him how much she cared, he told her through tears that he felt that something was missing.

Announcement for The Bachelor before the BIP finale

The announcement that Nick was the next Bachelor came before the season of Bachelor In Paradise even ended. We went into the show tonight knowing that it was over, but the story wasn't out yet. Social media has been blowing up with people weighing in on both sides - some saying Jen stopped the proposal and ended things with Nick, others saying Nick ended it knowing he was going on to The Bachelor.

CBS Detroit reports that recently another Bachelor In Paradise star, Lauren Himle, gave a radio interview to Detroit 97.1. It didn't take long for the questions to turn to the situation regarding her close friend Jen and her relationship with Nick.

Lauren tells the real deal between Nick and Jen

According to Lauren, Nick did indeed continue to date Jen after leaving Paradise. Before long Jen began to see some degree of manipulation and knew that Nick was not as honest and forthright as he had been at the beginning of Bachelor In Paradise. Of course, the announcement that he was going to be the next Bachelor came shortly after the two actually did end the relationship.

But can Nick open up to someone?

Nick says he has a hard time opening up after all that has happened with his love life. If that is so, fans have to wonder how successful he will be in his continued search for love even as The Bachelor. Even with the increased odds and more options for him, he has to be able to open up and make himself vulnerable to someone if he plans on building a relationship with a future.

Part of making a commitment is, of course, being able to trust someone enough to let them see who he really is.

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