Snoop Dogg received a gong from Kendrick Lamar at the BET Hip Hop Awards which took place at Cobb Energy Performing Center in Atlanta. He is considered to be a stimulation and motivation for young musicians. In the world of music, especially hip hop genre, there is always something exciting to look forward to for the fans. When it comes to rap music, Snoop Dogg always stays in the limelight. In fact, he is one of the best rappers around and he deserves such an honor. Kendrick was the proud friend of Snoop when he handed him with the gong.

Let us further discuss where the ceremony took place and what Kendrick Lamar had to say aboutSnoop Dogg.

A very special Saturday for the rapper

For Snoop, Saturday was very special indeed because he was handed with the gong by Kendrick Lamar. He was full of praise for Snoop because he helped him shape his music career. As Snoop was approaching the stage when his name was called, Kendrick said that Snoop became anexpert in the game by overcoming lots of tests and challenges that led him to earn therespect of a professor of a college.

He further added that he helped Kendrick put on the right road which helped him avoid similar pitfalls. For him, Snoop is a god and he will always remain so.

Snoop Dogginspires young people everywhere

The well-renowned 44-year-old rapper spent time on the stage encouraging the younger generation to be strong and follow their dreams, despite facing lots of hurdles on the way. He continued speaking telling young rappers that there are lots of people who do not understand.

He was also misunderstood by the people during his infancy in the field of rap music. Therefore, he said, it is very important for young people to keep pushing and be genuine and diverse.

Life is a test for everyone and as per the theory of Darwin, the fittest among the lot survives eventually. According to a report by "Hip Hop DX", he also said, "Hip Hop was created many years ago and it’s taken people so many places.

You have to be who you are.”

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