The Sister Wives reality show is gearing up for season 8with some turbulence reported as Kody Brown is rumored to have a secret wife. Apparently when his wives gave him static about wanting to add more wives to their family, he just went out and did this on his own. He basically did the same thing when he wanted Robyn to join the family. A few years back he didn't let the other wives know about all the time he had been spending with Robyn, that is until after he had fallen in love with her. A secret wife will be a big reveal in season 8 if it's trueand it's anyone's guess if Kody's four other wives will even hang around if he pushes another wife their way.

What's Kody got that's so different?

It is amazing what these four sister wives of Kody Brown put up with. They are intelligent and very likable women, so it is not as if they don't know any better. It is also reported that Kody is moving things around in one of his sister wive's houses getting ready for at least one new wife. It would stand to reason if this is really going on... his four wives do know about it. Again, these women are no dummies, so unless he's spun a story around this. the ladies of the Brown family have to be aware of his plans.

Some of these reports don't seem to make sense, like Kody making room for a secret wife his family has no idea about yet.

TLC confused over Kody's choices?

Meanwhile back at the TLC ranch, the announcement of the premiere date of season 8 of the Sister Wives is reportedly on hold.According to the CP News, the producers of Sister Wives don't understand Kody's train of thought when it comes to upsetting the Brown family apple cart.

CP News is reporting that one of Kody's old wives ends up moving to make room for a new wife and that will be seen in season 8if it materializes. It is not known if that means this wife is moving away from the family or if she is moving in with another sister wife to make room.

Kody will always have a midlife crisis

One thing the fans of the show know is how life changes in the Brown household with a new wife introduced.

They also know that Kody Brown has been going through a midlife crisis since the first day Sister Wivesaired on TLC. While it might be more of Kody Brown's personality,either way this guy acts like a man-child.

TLC and the viewers of Sister Wivesgot to see the jealousy unleashed when Kody first added Robyn into the mix. He basically ignored the other three wives and he was like a teenagerwith too much testosteronechasing Robyn through the house. Pictures of the family taken at the time showed Kody with his attention fixated on Robyn.

Lust drives the Kody Brown bus?

The other three wives were privy to their husband lusting after his new wife and watching as their honeymoon period unfolded.

It was hard to watch at times for the viewers. While Robyn made her way into the hearts of the Brown family eventually, she too was feeling some angst from the other women and that made an uncomfortable living condition for everyone...except of course Kody Brown.

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