Kody Brown is desperate to have "Sister Wives" renewed for an 8th season and as time goes by without the contract he is doing anything he can to keep interest in the show going. According to the "Parent Herald", season 8 is in jeopardy of being canceled. Brown is so desperate that his antics might just ruin what he has going right now with four wives. It appears that Robyn is ready to file for divorce and the other women are not far behind her as far as jumping the Kody Brown ship.


Robyn is the only legally married wife that Kody has and she has one foot out the door because this is not what she signed up for when it comes to her husband's latest behaviors.

The show must go on!

Don't forget Kody Brown came to the "Sister Wives" reality show broke and in debt. He is a man with a scattered work history, better described as work not being a strong point for the man with four wives. According to "Hollywood Life", someone close to the family described Brown as becoming so money hungry that he's ignoring his wives.

The recent scuttlebutt about Brown taking on two new wives came to Kody as an idea to keep the show interesting and he also had hoped that this might entice TLC to renew the show. 

Robyn itching to leave.

This bizarre idea has three of Kody's sister wives ready to leave him for good with Janelle, who is the only wife who has not threatened to up and go. Robyn legally married Kody after Merri was kind enough to divorce him so he could wed Robyn and adopt her kids from a previous relationship.


Robyn was the apple of Kody's eye when she first came into the family.

He couldn't keep his hands off of her back then and all that attention got his other three wives furious. They have since worked through this and Robyn is a welcome member of the family today, but the women who share Kody Brown's bed have had enough. Four wives is all they'll stand for!

Kody gets greedy with wives and money?

As far as the sister wives are concerned, recent reports indicate that Kody has turned their life into a circus and it is all about the money.

If he does go through with taking on more wives, it looks like he'll be losing at least three of the ones he already has. According to Brown family friend Kendra Pollard, Robyn has more reason than the other wives to be furious at Kody for yearning to take on two more wives. One new wife he has in mind is Robyn's step-niece, Mindy Jessop. She is also the family's nanny.

Not happy campers?

As you can see by the videos above, while the women and Kody try to make this one big happy family, it looks like the sister wives in Kody's life are very unhappy and they have been for a long time.


It is easy to see why Kody's antics and wishes to bring on more wives would have all the wives eventually opting out of this saga, which looks very much like a dead end relationship.

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