Nothing is going smoothly for Kody Brown these days when it comes to his "Sister Wives" show and from the latest reports he is sweating the fate of the reality series. "Sister Wives" has still not been renewed for another season and there's a chance it won't be considering all the turmoil Kody has brought into the homes of his four wives. These are the four stars who the fans of the show gravitate to when it comes to taking sides.

Sweating to the oldies (wives that is)!

According to Christians Today, Kody is just about willing to do anything to get the show back into another season and he is coming up with different ploys to make this show more interesting to bring in more viewers.

One of those ploys was taking on two new wives which is a topic that's been saturating the Internet. This has caused his four wives to step back a bit and ponder life with and without Kody.

'Sister Wives' spin-off?

This could all blow up in Kody's face because the four "Sister Wives" are so popular that if they do decide to leave him, which means leaving the show, Kody doesn't have enough charisma to carry this show on his own. Even if he did bring in two new wives and start over, the network would be more likely to do a spin-off show of the four sister wives than a show with Kody without his four original wives, suggestsChristian Today.

A spin-off show with the ladies starting life over without Kody might be very interesting. It would especially be interesting to see the choices they make in men. They are still young, so dating would be involved and all except for Robyn, the women aren't legally married to Kody so there's no legal divorce proceedings for three of the wives.

They could even get married again one day. If you think about it, Kody, who acts very much like an obnoxious teen driven by his testosterone, is only wanting what many polygamous men would want -- more wives.

This is the lifestyle that the women signed up for when they linked their lives together with Kody Brown. Basically Kody is not asking them to do anything that is different from the time they entered into this pseudo marriage.

They signed up for this!

While most women wouldn't want to share their man with any other women, this is not the case in polygamy. So while the outside world is looking at Kody as a creep for wanting even more wives, they are forgetting that this is all part of the polygamous lifestyle.

The same thing goes for TLC, when it comes to the latest reports that they are threatening to end the show if Kody brings on two more women.

The network signed up to show the reality of a polygamous marriage and this is it. They first had a man with three wives, then he was lusting after Robyn under the umbrella of his religion. The two married and carried on a honey moon-like dance in front of the other three "old" wives for months. This caused much turmoil and hurt feelings. Now Kody just wants to put more spice in his life with two younger new wives. As disgusting as this sounds to the average woman this is what his wives and the show signed up for.

They wanted a polygamous marriage and they got one!

Kody's lifestyle is polygamy... that won't change!

As much as Kody may rub you the wrong way, he is doing what comes natural to him while living a polygamous lifestyle. If his four sister wives are indeed putting up a road block for more wives then they are not honoring the marriage and the way it is supposed to be structured for the man. Again, most women would run as far away from Kody Brown and his lifestyle, but his four wives knew what they were signing up for. While it is easy to feel sorry for the "Sister Wives," it is not as if they were thrust into this relationship without knowing all this.

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