The "X Factor"judge had a mishap on stage when he hugged his final six contestants. During an emotional group hug, Simon Cowell accidentally formed a fist and punched Caitlyn Vanbeck in the face.After her powerful rendition of "Rise Up" by Andra Day, Vanbeck joined the other five final contestants after almost moving the judges to tears. The young Edinburgh-based singer brushed off the accidental knock to the face as an honest mistake, but she quipped to one viewer that she might "press charges."

"Yeah, maybe. He's got a lot of money," Vanbeck said. While obviously a joke, the accidental punch ended the night on a sour note for many viewers after Cowell was mistakenly interpreted for calling the young singer fat.

Twitter users fumed after the "X Factor"judge apparently alluded to Vanbeck's weight when he suggested, "I don't want to give you a chair…I want to give you a sofa." Cowell's comment actually referred to Vanbeck's talent after her acclaimed performance, but some viewers took his words literally.

No, Simon Cowell did not call Caitlyn Vanbeck fat

Although a storm brewed on Twitter after Cowell's misconstrued compliment, most viewers understood his reference to the singer's incredible rendition of "Rise Up." The "sofa" referred to Vanbeck's deserved spot in the final contestant categorywith the other "X Factor"hopefuls which include Gifty Louise, Kayleigh Marie Morgan, Emily Middlemas, Soheila Clifford, and Olivia Garcia.

Despite the misinterpreted compliment, the accidental punch in the face ended the emotional night on an awkward note. It seems that Cowell's best intentions for Vanbeck suffered a few hiccups throughout the Six Chair Challenge, but it didn't undermine the breathtaking performances from all of the final contestants.

After securing her spot in the final six, viewers will be left anticipating how Vanbeck will follow up from her stirring song that left the judges speechless. Hopefully, she'll be included in the next group hug and won't have to dodge any punches.

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