When it comes to General Hospital, everyone has their favorites. Bryan Craig plays the role of Morgan Corinthos and a lot of people love him. Now news is coming out that Bryan is actually quitting the show and moving on. This surprises a lot of fans after he has been doing such a great job showing what is like to be bipolar and playing the role of Morgan. He is obviously leaving on a high so it may not take him long to find a new job.

What is going on with Bryan Craig?

Daytime Confidential shared the news that Bryan Craig is quitting the show.

He joined it back in 2013. Multiple sources are confirming that Bryan made the choice to quit the show on his own. There is no word exactly why and at this timeGeneral Hospital isn't confirming it or speaking out about what is going on.

Bryan Craig is engaged toKelly Thiebaud. She used to be onGeneral Hospital as Britt, but has left the show as well. There is no word on what these two have planned or if Bryan got another job offer. It isn't crazy for stars to switch from one soap opera to the next.

It wouldn't be surprising at all if another soap picked up Bryan Craig right away.

So what about Morgan Corinthos?

Right now, the show is staying quiet about this big exit, but everyone wants to know what this means for his character. Bryan Craig has been doing great with this role and right now Morgan seems to be pretty mentally stable after a few issues with finding out that he is bipolar and getting on the right meds.

It would not be shocking at all if they killed him off. Morgan is known for getting into situations that can get him trouble and Kiki even got shot over one of them not long ago. They could always recast the role as well. Since Kiki changed, fans are finally getting used to the new actress.

Are you shocked to hear that Bryan Craig is leaving General Hospital? Do you think that this is a good decision?

Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Hopefully, news comes out soon about what is really going on with Bryan Craig and what made him decide to move on from his time on the show.

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