Sharon Osbourne finally shared why she was incognito in 2015. "The Talk" host revealed that a scary emotional health breakdown landed her in Cedars-Sinai Hospital. Osbourne said she woke in the hospital in catatonic depression which had rendered her virtually comatose. Osbourne has had more than her share of stress as her sex addict husband Ozzy Osbourne admitted to cheating on her. But there's good news, Sharon says. Yoga and meditation can heal clinical depression and chronic anxiety.

Sharon Osbourne had "complete and utter" breakdown

Sharon had never talked about her mysterious month-long hiatus in May 2015. The former "America's Got Talent" judgeopened up on "The Talk" to explain why. She has no memory of exactly what happened before the psychologicalbreakdown and only recalls waking up in the hospital with three days missing from her life.

She was unable to speak or think clearly. Osbourne describes feeling up to dealing with the stressone minute and then all of a sudden not.

She realizes that she ignored depression warning signs and tried to carry too much alone. What ensued was a crippling panic attack with major depressive episode.

Yoga and meditation found lost mojo

Osbourne says her story ends happy, however. She was transferredfrom Cedars-Sinai which wasn't equipped to deal with mental health and enrolled in a depression treatment program. After seven months seeking the right antidepressant medication, therapist, and treatment, Sharon got the help she needed.

In recovery, Sharon found that she had to take off the superwoman cape and stop trying to fix everything single-handedly.

Through yoga and meditation, she found spirituality and also the strengthshe had lost. Osbourne says she's in a much better place now and hopes her story can bring comfort to others struggling with emotional health issues.

Osbourne wants everyone to know that meditation can bring peace, centeredness, and strength to cope with what would have bowled one over before.

Now Sharon is capable of dealing struggles like an adulteroussex addict husband, his extramarital affair and marriage trouble.

Osbourne is one of the several celebrities who deal with chronic depression.She encourages sufferers not to be ashamed and seek out help because it is there.

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