Sharon Osbourne is talking--literally. The Talk co-host is finally speaking out about what led to her collapse and subsequent month-long absence from the CBS daytime chatfest last year. While the Osbourne matriarch’s rep initially attributed her sudden break from the show to “exhaustion,” Sharon now says she had a full-on mental collapse. Sharon Osbourne spoke about her breakdown on the Season 7 premiere of The Talk, exactly one year after she originally planned to tell viewers about it on last season’s premiere episode but changed her mind at the last minute.

The real story behind Sharon’s absence

Sharon Osbourne finally told viewers the whole truth about what happened to her in 2015 when she took a lengthy leave of absence from The Talk. Sharon revealed that she collapsed after having a “complete and utter breakdown" and actually suffered from memory loss after the episode. Osbourne revealed that she woke up in Cedars-Sinai Hospital and couldn’t remember anything for three days. The wife of Ozzy Osbourne said that she couldn’t think or talk at the time and that her brain basically shut down.

Sharon Osbourne admitted that she often takes on too much and used to think of herself as “Superwoman.” After her collapse, Sharon said her family placed her in a treatment facility where she worked with therapists and psychiatrists and also did a lot of group therapy sessions.

Sharon’s personal challenges continue

Sharon Osbourne has had a difficult year. While she came back to The Talk after a month leave of absence, she was soon coping with another traumatic event: The aftermath of her husband’s long affair with Hollywood hair colorist Michelle Pugh.

Earlier this year, Sharon separated from Ozzy, but they have since vowed to try to save their marriage. Ozzy Osbourne is seeking treatment for sex addiction, which he has reportedly been dealing with for the past six years.

Last fall, Sharon Osbourne was scheduled to talk about her personal issue on The Talk’s Season 6 premiere, but right before the live show started she told producers she wasn’t ready to talk about it.

Host Julie Chen explained that it was an extremely personal situation for Osbourne. Sharon Osbourne later posted a message to fans on her Facebook page and explained that she wasn’t “ready or strong enough” to talk about the matter. One year later, she’s proving that she is one strong lady.

The Talk airs weekdays on CBS.

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