This season of the "Real Housewives of Orange County" has been a trainwreck. The drama between Kelly Dodd and the other ladies has been fun to watch but on last week's episode, the drama was focused on Shannon and David Beador.David Beador's affair has been a hot topic on the show. Fans watched as the couple went through intense counseling and as Shannon dealt with it on a more private level. It was an incredibly messy situation and despite her hurt and anger, Shannon decided to remain married to David.

The Beador girls concert was rocked

The couple has three daughters together. The girls are in a band and that is what Monday night's episode focused on. All of the housewives attended a concert hosted by the Beador daughters. While it appeared all would be fun, David's mother was not there to be friendly. In fact, she took it upon herself to dish about David's affair to Shannon's friends.

Not only did Mrs. Beador insist Shannon was to blame for the affair, but she went a step further. According to All About the Tea, Shannon Beador is refuting claims that she keeps her daughters away from David's mother.

While it is clear the two do not get along, she has never stopped the girls from pursuing a relationship with their grandmother.

Will this be it for David and his mother?

Calling this a sticky situation would be putting it lightly. Apparently, the bad blood between Shannon and her mother-in-law goes pretty far back. The two haven't had an easy relationship and it was made clear that David has sided with his mother during previous arguments.

Shannon has decided to put her foot down and she let David know he has to side with her.

By approaching her daughter-in-law's friends, she drove the wedge further into place. The comment about David's affair was over-the-top but to insinuate she doesn't see her granddaughters because of Shannon was far worse apparently. There may be no rebounding from what happened at the concert. If David doesn't step up and defend his wife to his mother, he could be facing a lot more backlash than he realizes.

After everything the Beadors worked for in their marriage, things are now shaky at best. David's mother knew what she was doing and is likely pleased with the results.

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