Just in time for cooler weather and the fall time change, the season premiere of Shameless on Showtime will be October 2nd at 9 pm. The show is based on a Chicago family who is not just down and out, but more a series of train wrecks that just take turns with different family members. Frank (the patriarch single father of at least five) just might be the most uncaring, selfish dirtbag to ever be displayed on television.

From stealing, distributing, and taking drugs, to trading his daughter for parts for his illegal still, Frank is a piece of work that may have no equal.

William H. Macy plays the role of Frank, doing it so well I occasionally forget he is acting as I catch myself despising him. The final scene from last season’s brutal, emotional finale ended with six family members throwing Frank off a pretty high bridge into the Chicago River.

Fiona the roller coaster

The nurturing oldest sister Fiona does all she can to take care of her younger siblings. Fiona (played by Emmy Rossum) is an emotional Shameless roller coaster I find myself pitying one moment, and then falling in love with the next.

This past season saw her in a romantic relationship with the love of her life, only to be left standing at the altar when his drug use was exposed as the wedding was about to start. Reality television has nothing on Shameless.

Jeremy Allen White plays the part of Lip Gallagher, the smartest among the entire Shameless cast who had a rough season last year.

Well, except the part about sleeping with his beautiful older professor which in the end was the reason he lost his free ride scholarship to college. Leaving college also caused him to lose both his jobs (one as a teaching assistant, and the other the house boy at a sorority house).

A little something for everybody

Shameless has a little something for everybody, if you like your television a bit toward the edgy side.

Sex, nudity, foul language, drugs, and crime all carry the plot forward but where the story goes will almost always leave you shaking your head either in disbelief or in disgust. Both feelings of shock and awe will take turns starring from episode to episode. Shameless is like a soap opera for adults only.

On more than one occasion I have caught myself laughing at something one minute then saying "what just happened?" the next. Itmay not be the show for everyone, and under no circumstances should children be able to watch even a few seconds of it.

Those few seconds could be life changing. Shameless is without a doubt a show for mature audiences.

Mirrors the real world?

Illegal Immigration, welfare, abortion, unemployment, marriage, family, drugs, sex, theft, and cheating the system are all big parts of the storylines for the Gallagher clan. In reality, this show depicts a wide variety of problems in today’s world, you normally just don’t see them all in one house. As a bonus, last season may have had the best break-up song ever recorded, 'F You Fiona.'

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