"Shakti - Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki," the television soap aired on Colors TV in India is gaining more and more popularity in the recent days.

The serial created by Rashmi Sharma has impressed all genres of audiences, and this is the main reason behind its stupendous success. Just like a colorful Bollywood flick, this TV show is loaded with all kinds of commercial ingredients, which makes it one of the favorite picks on prime time among the Indian family viewers.The series revolves around the story of two knit sisters, Soumya and Surabhi, who strives hard to maintain each other's well being.

This show has Rubina Dilaik, Vivian Dsena, Roshni Sahota and Lakshya Handa in the lead roles. All of the actors are now household names among the female audiences, and this clearly indicates the serial's public acceptance.

Latest episode written updates.

The episode begins with a dreaded scene in which many thugs are beating up Harman with hockey sticks, and he starts bleeding from the ear. Even in the midst of the fight, he challenges them, and finally gets hit on his head. Onlookers who are watching all this show finally comes to his help.

The goons escape after seeing the villagers, and the scene ends there.

In the next scene, we can see Soumya handing over the baby to its mother. She then praises the glory of motherhood and adds that she is quite happy to see this reunion.

Surprisingly, the mother suddenly gives back the kid to Soumya and tells that she cannot accept the child.

When asked about the reason, the mother replies that the kid belongs to the kinnar community. The mother then asks Soumya to accept her community, so that she will take the kid and lead a happy life.

After so many arguments, Soumya expresses her wish to talk again with the mother, but the other kinnar stops her from doing so.

Will there be a new twist in the episode? To know, tune into Colors TV and watch 'Shakti — Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki.'This is one of the serials that has quickly climbed the top 10 charts in India.

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