“Magnum PI” was one of the great action series of the 1980s, starring Tom Selleck as a former Navy SEAL who used his skills developed in the Vietnam War to fight crime and international espionage in Hawaii. Of course, no successful show ever made has not been considered for a remake, reboot, big screen version, or reimagining. Deadline Hollywood reports that this is the case for “Magnum PI.” The twist is that the proposed new series will feature Magnum’s daughter, Lily “Tommy” Magnum, a character established in the original series.

The added hook as that the younger Magnum was a member of Naval Intelligence before she was involuntarily separated from the service after a blown espionage operation.

So, against the backdrop of the gorgeous beaches of Hawaii and with a group of quirky friends, the young Magnum PI fights crime and international espionage while delving into the mystery of what happened to end her navy career. Think of the series as a “Magnum the Next Generation” with more than a touch of “Burn Notice.”

A new show that is a kind of mashup of two old, favorite shows is an intriguing enough. While reboots or remakes of old TV shows rarely work (“Star Trek” being one exception), the idea of a female Magnum might be worth a look. One can hope that the show can avoid some of the social justice warrior screed that helped to sink the all-female “Ghostbusters.”

No word exists yet as to whether Selleck will show up, even in a cameo.

He is currently starring as the patriarch of a family of police officers in the series “Blue Bloods.” One could handle where daddy is in the new series in a number of ways. He could be retired and living the quiet life somewhere else. Or Magnum Pere could be missing under mysterious circumstances.

Whether the Magnum sequel series works naturally depends more on execution rather than the concept.

Will the chemistry of the actors click with the audiences? Will the writing and the directing sizzle? Will the series try to recapture the magic of the 1980s version or will it try to go into a different direction? In any case, this project is something to look forward to with interest.

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