Audiences used to get into the head of the adorable 13-year-old ‘Lizzie McGuire’, and week after week she and her best friends Miranda and Gordo shared what it is like to live the life of middle school kids. Actress Hilary Duffmade us laugh, and once in a while cry, surrounded by her loving parents and hysterically bratty brother, Matt from 2001-2004. These talented young stars have all moved on to new adventures. Let’s find out what they are up to.

Hilary Duff stars in TV series ‘Younger’

Hilary Duff brought ‘Lizzie McGuire’ to life. This Houston, TX born actress became a household name and has not slowed down at all.

Since then she was fabulous in the film 'Cheaper by the Dozen' and its sequel, and has been seen in guest roles on TV series after series such as 'Gossip Girl', ‘Community’, ‘Two and a Half Men,’ ‘Raising Hope’, and more. Hilary is gorgeous, has producing credits to her name, and lately she can be seen as Kelsey Peters in the TV series 'Younger'.

Lalaine got her start on ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

Lalaine was fantastic in her role as Miranda Sanchez on the show. She was born in Burbank, CA and jumped right into show biz with her roles in the TV film ‘Annie’ and ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. Since then she has been busy with roles in TV series such as 'Off the Clock', and has two films in the works 'One Night Alone' and 'The Man with the Red Balloon'.

Adam Lamberg played Lizzie’s trusty best friend David 'Gordo' Gordon. This New York-born actor has since left the acting biz and has been pursuing multiple degrees in college. He is doing his own thing.

Spotlight on Jake Thomas

Jake Thomas nailed that role of Lizzie’s annoying little brother Matt McGuire.

Born in Knoxville, TN, Jake is enjoying quite the acting career. He has had roles in TV shows such as 'Cory in the House’, and guest roles on ‘ER’, ‘Lie to Me’, ‘Cold Case’, ‘House’, ‘CSI Miami’, ‘Criminal Minds’, and a lot more. He stars with Amber Rose and fellow Lizzie alum Clayton Snyder in upcoming film 'What Happened Last Night' due out in November, 2016.

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