For those who can’t wait for season 2 of FOX's Scream Queens to air next Tuesday, executive producer Ryan Murphy is tweeting out more hints about the medical school-themed plot. With the Red Devil(s) revealed in season 1, Murphy is promising a bloody good time for the Chanels this television season. The trio of young ladies from the hit show—Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin, and Billie Lourd—are leaving the nut house and heading to a nutty hospital, putting the “Mad Diva in M.D.”, according to one teaser.

Murphy, the mastermind behind the American Horror Story (AHS) anthology series, is keeping mum on season 2 plot lines, but leaving just enough breadcrumbs to keep viewers sated. When Scream Queens was renewed by FOX last January, many speculated on what would happen once the Red Devil killer from last season (sorry, no spoilers, since you can watch it on most streaming services) was exposed. Based on the first trailer, it looks like the Kappa house girls are going to medical school:

Last year, the show took place mainly in the Kappa sorority house on a college campus, where a killer in a red devil costume was picking off students one by one.

But this time the show moves to a teaching hospital run by Cathy Munsch (played by the hilarious pot-smoking Jujitsu-trained Jamie Lee Curtis, the original scream queen of iconic 70's slasher flicks).

John Stamos joins cast

Joining the cast is John Stamos, who according to his Instagram’s posts, will be involved in some steamy shower (and bath) scenes. He has to contend with the Chanels as well:

Stamos will be playing one of the hospitals residents, Dr.

Brock Holt. As the newest cast member, he will be surrounded by many of the originals that populated the fictional sorority house last year, lead by Chanel No. 1, Emma Roberts. Also returning for season 2 is Lea Michele (Glee) and Keke Palmer. Of course, Scream Queens isn't complete without some fresh meat to pick off,so we have Taylor Lautner (The Twilight Saga), Colton Haynes (Arrow), and Cecily Strong (SNL) joining the cast.

Also back for season 2 is fan-favorite and breakout star Niecy Nash (Reno 911!) and Glen Powell (from last season). The show picks up many years after the events from Kappa house left the three young Chanels locked up in the loony bin. Now they’ve been declared ‘sane’ and going to medical school, and have to work in a nearby hospital (which they happen to own). The teaching doctors are Stamos and Lautner (Dr. Cassidy Cascade).

The hospital will allow Murphy to showcase some truly peculiar and inexplicable medical cases, an area he is quite familiar (he’s the guy behind Nip/Tuck).

Unlike AHS, season 2 will be a continuation of last year, with many of the same characters returning, just fast-forwarded a number of years into the future. How many survive this season is entirely up to the show’s creators.

In the world of Ryan Murphy, don’t anticipate your favorite characters from ending on the chopping block. You can expect some eardrum-popping screeches from the now-iconic characters. After all, it is called Scream Queens. Watch the season opener on Sept.

20th on your local Fox television station.

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