Tonight on Dancing With the Stars, everyone was shocked to see Ryan Lochte get attacked. They didn't show exactly what happened, but it was obvious that something happened to Ryan and he wasn't very happy about it either. So what went down tonight on DWTS? Hollywood Life was able to share details after the show.

Who came after Ryan Lochte tonight?

The guys that were there were wearing shirts with the name Lochte on them with a no symbol across it.


This should have made it pretty obvious that they were not happy with Ryan Lochte and maybe security should have thought twice before even letting them into the show. Everyone in the audience was dressed really nice, so they probably had the shirts on under other clothes when they entered. They were seen in handcuffs after the show, but no word yet on what will happen to them. 

A source that was at the show spoke out about the audience saying, "Some are in shock, some are still scared and some don’t care at all." When these guys went on stage, the entire audience started screaming and the source said they acted like it was a "terrorist attack." Everyone seemed really shocked.


These guys were on the stage so that they could protest Ryan Lochte. A lot of people are not happy that he is on the show, but unless Ryan gets kicked off he won't be going anywhere. 

You know that next week, the show will have to step up security. They will not want to take any chances of something like this happening again in the future. So far, Ryan Lochte and Cheryl Burke are avoiding social networks and haven't shared their thoughts. It was obvious that Cheryl was pretty shook up when it went down. 

Are you shocked to hear that two men rushed the stage to protest Ryan Lochte being on Dancing With the Stars?

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Are you shocked that they were able to make it that far? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don't miss new episodes of DWTS on Monday nights on ABC. Hopefully, next week will go just fine and not have any drama like what went down tonight. 

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