Controversial Olympicswimmer Ryan Lochte thanked supporters on Instagram after being attacked while competing on live television. According to reports, Lochte was attacked in a protestafterthe infamous Rio scandal.

Just what happened on DWTS?

The incident in question reportedly occurred after Lochte had finished up hisroutine entry for that night's performance of 'Dancing With The Stars.'Two men ran onto the stage to attack Lochte before they were eventually escorted out by security. Four or five women in the audience were heard screaming anti-Lochte protests in the audience, and are currently suspected to have some premeditatedinvolvement with the incident.

Social media later made it clear that the two men involved in the attack were wearing T-shirts printed with Lochte’s name crossed out.

The two protestors have been identified as Sam Sotoodeh and Barzeen Soroudi, and they both have just been released from jail. According to reports, they were protesting Lochte overthe now infamous Rio scandal, in which he and four other American Olympic swimmers vandalized a gas station, and later lied to the media that they were victims of a robbery. The incident has cost the Olympic swimmer possible millions in endorsement deals and led to his 10 month suspension.

Soroudi himself has released a statement that Lochte’s actions in Rio had 'embarrassed Americans' and he felt that such behavior should not be taken lightly.

Reports indicate that Lochte remains ingood health after the attack.

Lochte’s own social media response to the attack

Lochte later turned to Instagram to explain his side of the incident towards his followers on social media. He thanked his family and supporters for then concern andexplained that he had originally been interested in joining the talent show due to its association with a 'big family.'Hehopes that the concern he received from people working on the show will validate such claims.

He particularly thanked his dancing partner, Cheryl, and the other competitors for their support. He ended by saying he was now dedicated to his 'new family' and hopes he will do his best on the show to come.

Lochte also ended the post with the following hastags: #DWTS, #family, and #dancingwiththestars.

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