Monday night brought a bizarre moment to the Season 23 premiere of Dancing With The Stars. Just as Ryan Lochte and Cheryl Burke were getting feedback from the judges, two men made their way on stage and security had to have them removed. The camera angles kept viewers from seeing exactly what was happening at the time, but now more information about the DWTSsituation is emerging and many with the show are speaking out about it.

Arrests were made after theDancing With the Stars incident

After the Dancing With the Stars incident with Ryan Lochte, two men were arrested and photos showed that they were wearing anti-Lochte shirts.

ABC 7 shares video from a different perspective as the situation played out and notes that four or five audience additional members were escorted out of the building after they started chanting against Ryan.

The two men who approached the DWTS contestant on stage are facing misdemeanor charges of trespassing and they are said to be Barzeen Soroudi and Sam Sododeh, both of whom are from Los Angeles.

They both had valid tickets for the Dancing With the Stars taping and the men had jackets covering their anti-Lochte t-shirts.

Ryan Lochte expresses hurt over theDancing With the Stars situation

Ryan says that they initially thought the incident was a joke, but that “It broke my heart” as it played out and he realized “that people are still on that subject and no one is moving forward.” Of course, DWTS fans know that when he mentions “that subject,” he is speaking of the recent issue he had during the Rio Olympics where he lied about being held at gunpoint and robbed.

Some fans might say that it's a bit soon to expect the situation to be forgottenand that perhaps he should have let a bit more time pass before going on reality television to rehabilitate his image.

Additional video shared by Us Weekly shows that one of the men was right next to Lochte as he was tackled by security, and it is easy to see why the situation left the Dancing With the Stars pair rattled.

Pros Derek Hough and Maksim Chmerkovskiy have spoken out in support of their Season 23 castmate and judge Carrie Ann Inaba praised the security team for their swift action.

Dancing With the Stars host Tom Bergeron called the situation 'unnerving'

People notes that host Tom Bergeron talked about how quickly it all happenedand that seeing Carrie Ann's expression as she saw the two men heading onto the stage is what gave him the realization that something was not right. DWTS quickly went to commercial as the men were tackled and he notes that it was a pretty unnerving experience.

Will Ryan Lochte and Cheryl Burke be able to shake off this chaotic situation and put on a strong performance next week?

There is plenty of stiff competition this season on Dancing With the Stars and everybody will have to bring their A-game to stay in the hunt for the mirror-ball trophy.

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