Ryan Lochte's Dancing With The Stars debut didn't go as smoothly has he would have liked. During the live premiere on Monday night, the Olympic swimmer and his partner Cheryl Burke were attacked by fans. Thankfully, fellow professional dancer, Derek Hough stepped in to help the situation.

According to reports, a group of protesters caused some serious drama during the Dancing With The Stars Season 23 premiere on Monday night. Two men, later identified as Sam Sododeh and Barzeen Soroudi, rushed the dance floor after Ryan Lochte's performance.

The men and a group of women who were with them but remained in the audience wore anti-Lochte shirts. 

Ryan Lochte drama during 'DWTS' premiere

The ambush happened while the judges were speaking about Lochte's performance. The camera stayed on judge Carrie Ann Inaba's face, who was telling the attackers to "back off" during the incident. This prompted host Tom Bergeron to cut to a commercial break, leaving fans wondering what in the world had just happened. 

Later, a video was posted online of the incident.

The footage, seemingly snapped on the cell phone of an audience member shows the two men on the ballroom floor being apprehended by Dancing With The Stars security. Meanwhile, a group of women protesters who remained in the audience were shouting "liar" at Lochte. This is when professional dancer Derek Hough rushed in to help control the situation.

Derek Hough to the rescue

In the footage, Derek Hough can be seen in proximity to the female protesters and having some harsh words with them.

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It was Derek who seemingly pointed out that these women needed to be removed from the ballroom as well, which led fans to cheer with delight. Later, Hough revealed that he felt that he was only protecting his home.

However, the damage was done. Ryan Lochte and Cheryl Burke were completely shaken by the attack. "They were just frozen the entire time in complete shock," one source said of the swimmer and his dancing partner.

Fans had very mixed feelings about Ryan Lochte's attack, but the majority seemed to by sympathetic towards the Dancing With The Stars contestant. 

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