Did Rob Kardashian just use his Twitter to get revenge on his younger sister?!

Robleaks Kylie's number.

Rob just released several tweets on his Twitter account that seem to be attacking his half-sister, Kylie Jenner. The first tweet releaseda number (that Rob claims to be Kylie's) and ensured everyone that this wasn't a hacker.

Then Rob releases a follow-up tweet to explain his motive.

Joke on us?

Followers of Rob tried calling the number he leaked, but no one's been able to get through yet. One Twitter user accused Rob of just messing around.

Then another user came out with what looks like proof.

After you add the number to your contacts, Kylie's Instagram gets recommended to you on the app.

Kylie vs. Chyna?

If this drama is real, does this mean the feud between Blac Chyna and the rest of the Kardashians is back on? Blac's been having problems with thefamily ever sinceshe split with Tyga and he started dating Kylie.

However, things appeared to be slowly getting better within the last few months.Kylie took a few Snapchat pictures with Blac a few months ago, Kim and Chloehave been promoting Rob's new show ("Rob & Chyna") nonstop, and Kris looks like she's been warming up to her as well. But was it all an act? Will the Kardashians never welcome Blac Chyna into the family, no matter how happy she makes Rob?

Public Reaction

So far it looks like everyone's taking Rob's prank and running with it. Twitter users have started tweeting screenshots of the messages their sending to Kylie's phone.Several users are sending Kylie dating requests and hate messages. It seems like the most common message is people asking her for money, specifically college loans. Neither Kylie, Blac Chyna, or any other Kardashian has responded to Rob's tweets or the situation yet. If the number is real, Kylie willdefinitely have to get her phone changed.

Rob's tweets are currently at over 40,000 retweets in just a little over an hour.

He has yet to tweet again about the situation or delete Kylie's number from his page.

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