Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have a lot to celebrate. The Celebrities ofreality TV"Rob & Chyna" are madly in love and will welcome a baby girl soon. Plus, plus-sized Kardashian has dropped 50 pounds. The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star credits his fiance Chyna with bringing a lot of good things into his life including weight loss. Rob plans to return the good vibes and is fully onboard with Chyna's weight gain in the pregnant body phase. Best of all, after proclaiming his desire have a son, he's just as happy to be welcoming a daughter.

Rob Kardashian didn't want a girl?

At the ultrasound it looked like Kardashian was disappointed about the baby's gender reveal.

But he seemed super happy when he told his mom Kris Jenner. Rob explained that the only reason he wanted a boy was because of his relationship with his dad. But that doesn't mean he isn't thrilled about a girl. He hopes most of all that the child is healthy. Knowing her baby's daddy wanted a particular gender would put a lot of pressure on Blac Chyna. She is already dealing with pregnancy discomfort, worry for the baby, morning sickness, etc. It could very well cause a major rift if Rob was resentful about the child's gender. But he wasn't. The whole family is happy, including sistersKim Kardashianand KhloeKardashian. Brother-in-law Kanye West even dispensed fathering advice.

"Rob & Chyna" weight loss and gain

So as Kardashian is on the weight loss wagon, thanks to Chyna,Chyna is gaining pregnancy weight. That scenario can and has caused big problems in relationships. Spouses may body-shame saying they don't want fat partners. Some folks are just downright hypocrites--obese themselves but critical of their overweight partners.

If one spouse is losing weight, he or she may expect the other to lose weight too. It's amazing how often you hear of fat-shaming in relationships.But good on Kardashian--he says he loves Chyna's pregnant body. This kind of support is exactly what pregnant women need. Now hopefully Chyna will be supportive of Rob regardless of weight.

That's the glue that holds couples together.

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