The debut ofRob & Chyna on Sunday night offered aKardashian clan a spin-off that folks will be talking about for sure. Within the first few minutes of the Rob & Chyna premiere episode, Chyna is driving a car with three of her friends as passengers and she starts making fun of Rob being a momma's boy and the friends all chime in.

Momma's boy

After all the laughter about Rob having to call his mother about everything, Rob calls Chyna and she has him on speaker phone. He mentions his mother and everyone in the car breaks out in laughter. Already you are starting to feel sorry for Rob. Then when Rob and Chyna find out they are having a girl and promise each other to keep it under wraps so they can announce the baby's gender via some glamorous surprise...

Rob goes and tells his mother.

From the beginning

According to Us Magazine, Rob and Chyna first met at Kendall Jenner's big sweet-16 birthday party. Then down the line Chyna broke up with Tyga and started to date Rob. Kylie Jenner, Rob's sister, is now with Tyga and this makes for some interesting friction.

Couple should come with boxing gloves!

Rob and Chyna have a fight and Chyna gets irate to the point it is over the edge. She is screaming at him over the phone as each of them are accusing the other one of cheating. This is so high school-like and Chyna ends up kicking Rob, who is crying, out of her house with her friends sitting around and watching this.

Rob insecure?

What you learn about Rob and Chyna in the premiere is that Rob is very insecure and yes, he is a momma's boy, but that is not something Chyna should share with her friends as a joke.

Scott Disick shows up as Rob's buddy and confidant giving him relationship advice. This of course after Scott has blown his relationship with Rob's sister!

Chyna kicks Rob out

Chyna does admit that one of the hardest things she's had to get used to is the fact that Rob is a Kardashian because having to deal with the family isn't always easy.

After Chyna kicks Rob out of the house, he won't return her calls or text messages so she goes looking for him and ends up having a talk with Kris Jenner, Rob's mom.

As you'd might expect Kris knows all about the fight and talks it over with Chyna. Kris gets into her relationship fixing mode and talks with both Chyna and Rob to try and get the two back together.

Rob cries again and you can't help feeling sorry for him.

Rob playing with fire when it comes to his health

The viewers find out that Rob has stopped taking his diabetic medication whenhe reveals this to Scott. This bothers Scott immensely because he lost his father at an early age to diabetes and he is worried about Rob. At one point when Rob gets on a scale he fesses up that he's gained another 20-pounds.

He is not happy with the way he looks and it is because of his weight that he hasn't spent much time out in the public in the last four years. He is tired of seeing pictures of himself with headlines about his weight he conveys to Scott Disick while the two of them are together.

Chyna's temper

For sure people will tune into this show, as it has more twists and turns than a soap opera and again, you feel sorry for Rob. At one point he brings home flowers for Chyna and she threw them in the pool because she was mad and her friends were sitting around watching this. This had to be embarrassing for the only Kardashian male!

Can you say dysfunctional?

Although Kris does speak nicely to Chyna,she gives off a vibe like she is only tolerating her because of Rob's love for her. As the episode ends Rob is saying he is not sure what is going to happen between the two of them. The previews of the up-and-coming episodes suggest one very rocky journey.

In the previews Chyna is talking about taking a paternity test and while there are shots of Rob and Chyna looking happy, there are many more where one or the other is in tears.

Can you say dysfunctional? Tune in next Sunday night on E! at 9 p.m. to see where these two end up!

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