Former Texas Governor and twice presidential candidate Rick Perry may not be the oddest contestant to appear on “Dancing with the Stars” but he has certainly failed to impress the judges thus far. Twice in as many weeks he has turned in subpart dance performances, the latest to the tune the theme from Green Acres, as CBS News noted. However, voters at home urged on by Perry’s fellow Texas politicians such as Sen. Ted Cruz, have saved him from elimination thus far. One suspects that the folks back home will continue to keep Perry in the running whether he improves his dance step or not.

Why does a 66-year-old career politician choose to humiliate himself on national TV? For one thing, nothing can quite match the embarrassment of the infamous “oops” moment during an early debate in the 2012 campaign when he forgot the names of the cabinet departments he would like to eliminate. For another thing, Perry is likely done with elected politics. He was the longest-serving governor of Texas and has not much more to prove.

Perry is also dancing for a good cause. He has dedicated his participation in “Dancing With The Stars” to the cause of rewarding veterans for their service and helping them overcome the physical and mental traumas that they often are afflicted with.

Perry, before he got into politics, was an officer in the United States Air Force, so the cause is close to his heart.

As “Dancing with the Stars” continues, Perry notes that he suffered a sprained ankle, which means, as he sufficiently puts it, he is going to have to play hurt going into the next week. He is going into a face off with Vanilla Ice, whom he promises to “melt” when he tears up the floor.

One cannot fault Perry for his enthusiasm or his competitive spirit.

Whoever wins this season (and it won’t be Perry since Texas charm, and popularity with the folks back home will only take you so far) the former governor will be long remembered for his appearance in the competition. One wonders if fellow reality TV star Donald Trump will remember that when it comes time to hand out cabinet post, providing that he wins the biggest reality show of them all, the presidential election.

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