The Real Housewives of Orange County aired a harrowing episode Monday night in which several of the ladies got into a bad ATV accident on the sand dunes in Glamis, California. Vicki Gunvalson had a serious enough neck injury that she thought she was going to be paralyzed. When Heather Dubrow called Meghan King Edmonds to request she be see how Vicki was doing at the hospital, Meghan flat rejected the idea.

Vicki shocked at Meghan's decision

Vicki reacted to the latest RHOC episode on her Bravo blog by explaining that when Meghan and her husband, Jimmy, got the phone call, it was "sad for me." The veteran Real Housewives star wrote, "I was shocked that they didn’t get in their car and head over to the hospital to be with me.

I guess this is where people's true colors show, it's what happens when no one is looking."

Vicki went on to say that Meghan King Edmonds clearly lacked compassion on her part following the accident. The other women weren't nearby after Vicki was transferred to the hospital. They were hours away in Glamis, but Meghan was close. She and her husband simply chose to blow off seeing Vicki at the hospital in spite of hearing her condition was perilous.

Vicki Gunvalson continued in her post that she's known Meghan and Jimmy for two years -- and even though they're not friends -- they're good acquaintances. That fact alone made it "shocking" to Vicki that they chose not to be there for her. Vicki added that no one was there for her after she arrived at the hospital by helicopter.

Her daughter, Briana, was two hours away and sick with her two children at the time.

Meghan has no interest in being friends with Vicki, as viewers have witnessed her saying on RHOC. Meghan's central focus is on her pregnancy, the main storyline for her this season. A lot of her drama is highlighting her painful IVF process and how it's impacting her marriage to Jimmy.

He has four children from his two previous marriages and was reluctant to have another baby to begin with.

A new feud on the horizon?

Vicki was released from the hospital nine hours later after several tests were performed. She shared that she was diagnosed with a severe concussion and a neck injury.

Will there be a new feud erupting between Vicki Gunvalson and Meghan King Edmonds after the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County?

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