Vicki Gunvalson is forgiving one cast member, but skewering another after her accident on The Real Housewives of Orange County. The RHOC star had nobody by her side while she was at the hospital after last week's episode in which she was badly injured in an ATV wreck. Meghan King Edmonds or Shannon Beador could've offered to help, but neither one of them stepped up.

Meghan earns Vicki's forgiveness

In episode 11, Meghan went to Vicki's house after hearing from Tamra Judge how serious the accident in Glamis was.

Although she spoke with Heather Dubrow and Kelly Dodd about what happened, the severity of the crash didn't register with Meghan until she heard Tamra's account of it. Meghan basically explained to Vicki that she was clueless about how bad things were and offered her apologies.

Vicki Gunvalson was moved by Meghan's mea culpa and wrote in her Bravo blog that she forgives Meghan.

"I truly believe that Meghan did not mean to be hurtful to me and she proved it by taking the time to come over to see me.

It meant a lot to me and I am thankful that she did that," Vicki wrote.

The RHOC veteran explained that she didn't want to hold grudges at this time in her life. She also believes that Meghan wasn't well informed on what happened.

Shannon is on Vicki's list

When it comes to Shannon Beador, Vicki isn't so willing to forgive. The entire cancer episodewith Brooks is what keeps Shannon and Vicki apart.

Shannon doesn't think Vicki was ever honest about what happened and hasn't let that go.

Vicki was incensed that Shannon would question a photo she texted her when she was on the stretcher after the accident. All Shannon could think about was why Vicki would take a selfie at a time like that. Only, it wasn't a selfie. It was a photo Kelly snapped on Vicki's phone and Vicki sent it to Shannon.

"I was truly sick to my stomach watching this episode as it pertained to Shannon.

This woman has zero compassion and her true colors really showed," Vicki continued in her blog.

In the end, Vicki Gunvalson forgave Meghan King Edmonds, but is still hurt by Shannon Beador's seeming lack of compassion.

Wait and see how this affects future alliances on RHOC!

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